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What is Pure Pattern Cutting?

A great pattern is essential if you want to create a fashionable garment. Pattern making and pattern cutting skills are both rare and highly technical, but once you learn them, you can use them to create beautiful garments that people will love.

My name is Carline Barulis. I have worked in fashion houses in London and Paris as a creative pattern cutter for more than ten years. I have also worked as a technical consultant to globally popular luxury brands. I have created garments for the catwalk, for private clients – including celebrities – and for the ready-to-wear sector.

I am now ready to share my extensive pattern cutting and pattern making skills with people like you. From basic measuring to draping on the stand learn pattern cutting and pattern making with me.

An Online Development Programme For You

Pure Pattern Cutting is a new, and totally original, video-based online development programme designed for experts, beginners and enthusiasts who want to learn, or improve, their pattern making and pattern cutting skills.

• If you are a student, or someone just starting out in a career in fashion, Pure Pattern Cutting will show you how the experts produce patterns and help you to develop your pattern making and pattern cutting skills quickly.

• If you are already established in your career in the fashion industry and want to add to your existing skills, the advanced pattern making strategies in Pure Pattern Cutting will help you to develop your abilities to create unique and special garments and move forward in one of the most competitive careers in the world.

• If making lovely clothes is your hobby, and you enjoy making individually designed garments, learn the right ways of doing things, so that you can produce patterns every bit as good as those created by professionals working in the fashion industry.


Elizabeth Emanuel – Art of Being
“A very talented creative pattern cutter and a joy to work with.”

Jonathan Holt – Senior Gerber Pattern Cutter at Roland Mouret
“Caroline is a much focused hard working person. She is very conscientious and her work is of impeccable standard. She is also very friendly and extremely easy to work with. I would highly recommend Caroline to any organisation.”

Lauren Murdoch Smith – Deputy Beauty & Health Editor, Vogue Magazine
“I know Caroline on a personal and professional level. Caroline excels in what she does in her personal and professional life and I had confidence in her work when I hired her for a project. She delivered excellent results.”

Yuliya Maslyn – Pattern Cutter at ACN
“I have had the pleasure of working with Caroline for over three years at Matthew Williamson Ltd. I can happily confirm that she is a great and reliable team player. Her extensive technical knowledge combined with a creative approach and flair helped to maintain standards from the initial development stage right through to final production. I can, without equivocation, highly recommend her services.”

Danielle Windsor – Consultant & Freelance Designer
“Caroline is an asset to any luxury design house, I thoroughly enjoyed working alongside her and felt she pushed my creativity with innovative pattern cutting techniques. Caroline is the perfect package with extensive technical knowledge, an outward creative approach and friendly personality. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”

Emma Henderson – Senior Embroidery Designer at Ralph & Russo
“Caroline is ambitious, creative and self-motivated. She has a great understanding and extensive technical knowledge in creating patterns for fully embroidered dresses and luxury gowns. We worked closely together as Caroline developed patterns for the embroidered dresses at Matthew Williamson. She is dedicated, enthusiastic and a valuable addition to any luxury fashion house through her meticulous work and friendly personality. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her.”

Marie Cook – Senior Garment Technical Manager at TAL Apparel
“Caroline was a pleasure to work with. I found her to be creative and open to new ideas. She is dedicated to her craft and always strives to improve and deliver whatever is asked of her. A true team player.”


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